Find Your Chair Exhibit & Auction

The 2025 upcycled public art exhibit project will be announced this Fall! 
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The Chain of Parks Art Festival’s FIND YOUR CHAIR new public art exhibit and competition is now on display from March 19 – April 19 in downtown Tallahassee. Find the chair that speaks to you! Viewers can walk the exhibit within 25 minutes! Start at LeMoyne Arts, and explore on to see the chairs at Il Lusso restaurant, Tallahassee’s City Hall Mezzanine, ALOFT Hotel, and Hotel Duval.


The Chair Sculptures will be auctioned during the Chain of Parks Art Festival on April 20 & 21, 2024, located in our Chalk Art Oasis area. While you’re at the Festival, vote for your favorite chair for the “People Choice Award” AND bid to win the chair that speaks to you to take home! Each artist kindly donated their Chair to this silent auction as a fundraising effort for LeMoyne Arts.


The Chain of Parks Art Festival is announcing an exciting new public art exhibit and competition leading up to the festival weekend! Up to 10 local and regional artists created upcycled chair sculptures to display throughout Downtown Tallahassee from March 19 – April 19, 2024. All sculptures will be transferred to the Festival for the exhibit conclusion and silent auction benefiting LeMoyne Arts on April 20 & 21, 2024.

The chair has been used since antiquity, although for many centuries it was a symbolic article of status and dignity rather than a functional tool for ordinary use. In art, a chair can symbolize community, the need for rest, hierarchy, loss, or the hope of a return. A chair can imply the absence of a loved one, as well as a place for comfort. A chair is a familiar object, not only used for function but also to represent one’s personal style. A chair can be a symbol of power from a king’s throne to a seat at the head of the table. A chair can become a familiar “friend” after a hard day and a place to relax while visiting with a loved one. 


  • Leslie Anderson (located at LeMoyne Arts): Originally from Guatemala, Leslie moved to Florida in the mid-’80s to continue her education, earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design & a Master’s in Art Education and Art Therapy at FSU. Combining her passion for teaching and art, Lelsie worked for the public school system as an art teacher for over 29 years. Since retirement, Leslie has dedicated herself to her paintings and has gained notoriety as an abstract fine artist. Make sure to visit Leslie’s booth at the Festival!
  • Quia Z Atkinson (located at Il Lusso): Quia is a contemporary mixed media artist and owner of @qzdesigngallery. Her abstract art and home decor designs are a spectacular blend of acrylic, glass, crystals, and resin which create a 3D sparkling effect. Quia has received widespread recognition including both the covers of Tallahassee Magazine and Tallahassee Woman Magazine.
  • Julia Flanagan (located at LeMoyne Arts): Julia loves to create mosaic assemblage art; She uses glass combined with found objects to express her ideas with colorful, and often humorous results. Julia considers herself to be an ultimate recycler, finding ways to reuse objects in new ways. Originally from Wisconsin, Julia worked as the art director for the War Memorial at Koehler Art Center; she is now based in Crawfordville, FL.
  • Cristina Gray (located at Hotel Duval): Cristina is a self-taught artist who has lived around the world, now based in Tallahassee. She loves working with watercolors and pastels. Her work is bold, whimsical, and vibrant, with a passion for nature and color “I draw inspiration from the complex temperament of Mother Nature.”
  • Honey Hilliard (located at Hotel Duval): With a profound connection to nature, Honey’s works often reflect the vibrant colors and dynamic energy found in the world around us. Her diverse portfolio explores many themes, from mesmerizing landscapes to thought-provoking abstract compositions. Honey’s work is heavily influenced by the brush strokes of Van Gogh, the spirit of Henri Matisse, and the eclectic allure of David Bowie.
  • Marcia Mcauliffe (located at City Hall): Marcia is a Michigander who graduated from Monticello College, in Illinois as an art major. She then went to Oxford College of Technology in England and Eastern Michigan University. Marcia is known for he whimsical, realistic painted critters. “Scenes just pop up in Florida with unexpected moments of joy. Flyovers of egrets, spoonbills, and pelicans just don’t happen everywhere”.
  • Scott Mcluckie (located at City Hall): Scott was brought up in an artful family from western Pittsburgh. Scott is a mixed-media artist who uses reclaimed materials to create his sculptures. Scott uses a variety of media to create his art with no specific disciplined direction. His process comes from the tools at hand and the wandering of the mind.
  • Alissa Pahalan (located at ALOFT Hotel): Born and raised in rural Alaska, a stone’s throw from the ocean, she was constantly awed and inspired by the phenomenal beauty and infinite connections of the natural world. In addition to painting in oils and acrylic, she also creates with resin, glass, wood, fiber, and found objects.
  • Lindsey Waldick & Laurie Suzuki, a.k.a The Bespoke Rabbit (located at ALOFT Hotel): This mother-daughter team, Lindsey Waldick & Laurie Suzuki, use a variety of techniques to create unique pieces. Laurie is a self-taught artist with a focus on colored pencil and pen and ink work. Lindsey studied textiles at SCAD with a focus on printmaking. Their chair piece incorporates imagery of native Florida wildlife, from below the water’s surface to soaring high in the sky!
  • Dan Taylor (located at Il Lusso): Dan is a Tallahassee artist best known for his abstract paintings featuring bold, striking color palettes. You will often see Dan around town supporting the arts and community projects dear to his heart. His paintings have become highly sought-after, featured all throughout Tallahassee & regional galleries including the Tampa Museum of Art. Dan is also LeMoyne’s board Vice President!