Chalk Art Oasis

Applications will be available from Oct. 31, 2024 – Feb. 2, 2025

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About the Chalk Art Oasis:

As of 2021, the Festival now features nationally recognized street artists who create “3D” masterpieces out of temporary paint and chalk during the festival weekend, underwritten by Visit Tallahassee. These live-action works of art create a lot of excitement amongst the visitors and offer interactive photo opportunities, ideal for sharing on social media (@chainofparks & #chainofparks). Attendees love to visit the chalk artists throughout the weekend to observe their progress and take photos.

In 2023 we enhanced this offering even more by creating a Chalk Artist Oasis. We made this a true destination within the festival footprint, surrounding our professional chalk artists with plants and shade for visitors to observe their progress in a beautiful space. We also had live music, food vendors, and a Birdhouse Sculpture silent auction in this area — it was a hit!

Updates for 2024:

In celebration of Tallahassee’s Bicentennial, the 4 street artists have been encouraged to create exciting North-Florida-themed designs to celebrate our community.

Delighting Festival visitors at the Chalk Art Oasis, professional street artists will create 3D anamorphic art on the pavement. These live-action artworks make for great photo opportunities with a WOW! factor. The Chalk Art Oasis is decorated with plants donated by SunBlestGardens and Treehouse Permaculture, creating an Oasis in the street. Packed with activities, the Oasis offers live entertainment and local food vendors. Learn about LeMoyne Arts and view the Find Your Chair Exhibit of 10 upcycled chair sculptures by local artists. You can vote for your favorite chair for the “People Choice Award” AND bid on the silent auction to take one home!

Chris Carlson is a professional street painter from Denver, Colorado. Chris specializes in anamorphic 3D artwork and has been practicing this art form in cities around the country for over 12 years. He creates temporary street art with tempera paint and pastel chalk. His permanent work is created with acrylic paint. Chris’s murals have been featured in 3D illusion galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Puerto Vallarta. Chris’s art is influenced by aliens, bulldogs, video games, and comic books. He always hopes to surprise viewers with his characters and interactive 3D designs.

Chris loves creating 3D street paintings in front of the public. He enjoys sharing his artistic process and gets a thrill from seeing people discover the 3D illusions he creates.

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Ivann Garcia was born in Mexico City and started painting in oils when he was 8 years old. One of his favorite TV shows was Bob Ross, Bob’s strokes and soft voice were inspiring as well as a welcome distraction from his tumultuous childhood. His studies were based on graphic arts and advertising. In 2001, he moved to the USA and began working in advertising design. In 2015, after this long period away from fine arts, he was invited to participate in a Madonnari festival for chalk art in his town in Mexico, when he mixed the chalk into the pavement, he realized that he missed the practical aspect of fine art and that his passion was reignited. With an intense focus on artistic practices and eagerly seeking experts in the field, he took the fast track to make up for lost time. Surprisingly, despite the short training period, his quality is now respected among the best professional artists in the world.

When he is not traveling, he works on fine painting commissions, new designs for murals, 3D art, tattooing, or displaying work in gallery exhibitions. Traveling is where he feels most “at home” because he likes to produce art for crowds of people. Not only does he handle 2D art with astonishing expressionist realism, he has also perfected the anamorphic art form, creating interactive 3D illusions with stunning detail and realism that wows crowds.

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Amanda Harris Gibbs, widely recognized as Wandering Brushes, is a renowned artist based in Los Angeles who has gained nationwide acclaim for her mesmerizing and vivid portraits. With a passion for art that ignited during her childhood, Amanda quickly developed her skills as a self-taught artist. Constantly on the move, she explores various mediums, yet her recent infatuation lies with 3D anamorphic murals and chalk art. Notably, Amanda has been privileged to collaborate with esteemed organizations such as Nickelodeon, Google, Paramount, Warner Brothers, YouTube, and even iconic figures like Janet Jackson, among many others. Her unique talent lies in crafting artwork that allows people to immerse themselves, witnessing the pieces come to life. Garnering increasing attention across the United States, Amanda’s creations, in all their diverse forms, are highly accessible and aim to inspire, ultimately leaving a smile on the viewer’s face.

As an artist, Amanda is committed to making art accessible and inspiring. She aims to break down barriers and create a space where everyone feels seen and valued. She is passionate about promoting women, indigenous, and black artists in the art world, believing that representation matters, especially for children. Amanda’s enthusiasm for engaging with people of all backgrounds is evident through her participation in chalk festivals. These festivals provide an opportunity to connect with a diverse range of individuals, from children to families.

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Returns to the Festival! 

Naomi Haverland’s lifelong passion for art has led her to become an expert in both large-scale murals and street painting, which she has been creating since 2011. Her unique style combines humor and hyper-realism to create stunning, lifelike images that capture the imagination of her audience. Her works have been commissioned by renowned companies such as Harley Davidson, 7-Eleven, Amazon, Microsoft, and Skittles. Although originally from Denver, Naomi has recently relocated to both Seattle and Florida, where she continues to create works of art.

Naomi’s most prominent artist strength is in the realm of realistic portraiture and the capturing of dynamic human expressions. She takes great pride in my ability to faithfully render the likeness of specific individuals with intricate detailing. Lighting is a huge passion of hers and she is very particular about the way every subject within the painting is lit. The interplay of warm and cool lighting is what truly elevates a portrait giving it depth and dimension. Whether painting a classic portrait or creating an interactive optical illusion on the pavement, Naomi always aims to create something that is striking and makes a lasting impression on the viewer.

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