Chalk Artists

Jolene Russell

Jolene became interested in art at a very young age, a passion bolstered by her early Waldorf education. She continued to follow her interest in art through high school, becoming president of the Art Club and an annual artist at the Marin Street Painting Festival, one of the largest festivals in California. In 2008, she received a BA in Fine Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Last year, Jolene’s 3D work in Germany won her first place at the Wilhelmshaven Street Art festival. Every year she participates in numerous street painting festivals across the United States and Europe, and she is excited to bring her work to Tallahassee. Jolene currently lives in Sacramento, California and works as a freelance artist.



Anat Ronen

“I am a Houston based self-taught artist. I became a professional artist in my late 30s following a decision we made as a family to emigrate from Israel to the USA and try to change our lives. Change we did! now, 11 years after becoming a full time artist as a way to stay in this country, I created hundreds of pieces all over the US and beyond and most importantly, discovered my true calling.

I paint on walls, floors, panels, canvases – practically anything. My preferred medium is house paint and brushes. My work is found throughout the greater Houston, Texas area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, and schools. Additionally, my work is displayed in museums and select shows nationwide and all the way to India, China and Australia.

In addition to my mural work, I participate in international street painting and street art festivals nationwide and around the world. I am a multi-disciplinary artist and I love to share my gift with the world.

My murals are painted using latex or acrylic and brushes. On the ground it’s chalk and / or tempera. I also dub in other media from time to time.

I speak fluent English, Hebrew and Spanish.
Please don’t hesitate calling today to discuss how I can bring your vision to life.”

Instagram is @anatronen1971

Facebook Anat Ronen’s murals

Youtube channel:

Due to Covid-19, Carlos will not be able to attend the 2021 festival. Look for him in 2022!

Carlos Alberto GH

Carlos Alberto is a former art conservator who decided to do street art. Even when he paints for most of his life, it is in recent years when he was introduced to street painting, and immediately he became fascinated whit it. Is in early 2015 when he entered completely to that world working in the streets using pavement and walls as his canvas, several enjoying the way that is an art available to all kind of people.

For him, Street painting was a hobby that started in Mexico 9 years ago, but since that time, he was involved every time more, also traveling to different countries like feature artists or in competition, having very good success. Now he does it full time, participating in the most important festivals around the world.

Instagram: carlosalberto_gh

Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez is a fine artist with more than 15 years of experience, classically trained in painting, drawing, conceptual art, sculpture and traditional  animation. He is known most prominently for his award winning Chalk Street Painting talents. He began his journey enriched by the vibrant colors of Mexico and eventually the multicultural influences of Southern California. Now He  has traveled over the world and through his art, he shares an interpretation of colors  that goes beyond what the naked eye can see in all that surrounds him. A vision he shares with the public and those who appreciate the arts at all levels.  He combines this with his deep respect for the traditional arts and artists like Alphonse Mucha, Lorenzo Bernini, J.C. Leyendecker, William A. Bouguereau, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo among others. In doing so, he creates a form of realism  that he believes brings a subject’s true colors and emotions to the surface for all to experience in a innovative and extraordinaire way.

“The true colors of an object is in the interpretation of our own experiences in life. Traveling to different countries and being in different cultures change the colors I perceive.  Through art, I can capture a moment in time and transform and express it for everyone to enjoy permanently or in the case of street painting it can be washed away in the blink of an eye.”

At the heart of all his work, is a desire to help people through creativity. Street Painting, in particular, has allowed him to fulfill this desire. Ever travels year round nationally and internationally to paint at large festivals, Private Events and  often supporting philanthropic causes giving back to the community.  He also has teach workshops to the youths, in addition to working with clients on commercial projects. Ever’s commercial work includes large scale 3D paintings, traditional murals and portraits, concept designs and character Marquette for companies, studios and private commissions.  

Ever is always  finding new ways to incorporate his arts throughout different and innovative techniques and experimentation bringing fun visual imagery to old and new venues.

Instagram:  @evergalvez

Samantha Wanner

Samantha Wanner is an award winning self taught artist based out of central Wisconsin.

instagram: meluhme