Festival Dates & Times

Schedule of Events To-Be-Announced 

2022 information, 2023 information coming this winter!

Thursday, April 21st: FSU Opening Nights Special Presenting Artist Event Featuring Lana Shuttleworth

In this presentation, “’Re-‘… A Prefix for Art and Life” that will accompany her feature in LeMoyne’s exhibit “Recycled Beauty,” artist Lana Shuttleworth will discuss the pioneering creativity in her work that leads to a transformative journey from reclamation to rediscovery. From gutter to gallery, Shuttleworth’s work ignites a desire to recover and re-see beauty around us by reusing, recycling, and revisioning new ways to reduce waste.  Shuttleworth’s art will be featured in LeMoyne’s exhibit “Recycled Beauty” from April 14 to May 28th in honor of Earth Day and the Chain of Parks Art Festival’s green mission.

6:30 PM, FSU Alumni Center Ballroom

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Sunday, May 15, 2022: Artist Workshop

The Chain of Parks Art Festival is pleased to offer a Rain Barrel Painting Workshop led by Guest Artist, Pattie Maney.

Sunday, May 15 from Noon-5pm celebrating Earth Day and the Festival weekend in the parks.

Held outside in LeMoyne’s Helen Lind Garden, Pattie Maney will show participants how to translate their artistic vision onto a functional rain barrel they can take home and enjoy. We thank the City’s TAPP program for the donation of the barrels.

The workshop is limited to 8 barrels; you can create your own, or, do one as a family! Deadline: May 13

Workshop registration: CLICK HERE
-$160 for LeMoyne Arts Current Members (Coupon code = GREENCoP22, 1 per person)
-$185 for non-members

Registration includes:
• 1 up-purposed rain barrel with fixtures provided by the City of Tallahassee’s TAPP program
• Paint and other supplies
• In-person instruction and guidance from professional artists, Pattie Maney
• Light assortment of drinks and snacks
What to bring:
• A sketch or photo of what you would like to paint
• Clothes suitable for painting in
• Brown-bag lunch

Saturday, April 23rd: 10 am- 5 pm

Free event — Artists in the Parks 

Saturday Evening Groove from 5:30-7:30pm, featuring: Tallahassee Nights Live!

Tallahassee Nights Live will be performing after the art show on Saturday, so plan to stick around for an evening of live music and dancing in the streets of downtown Tallahassee. Tallahassee Nights Live is a touring live music production featuring some of the best sounds of Jazz, R & B, Soul, Pop, Latin, Country, Rock, HipHop, Dance, Expressed Spoken Word (Poetry), and Hilarious Comedy.

No tickets are required for this FREE and entertaining evening concert under the century-old trees of downtown Tallahassee’s Chain of Parks.

Sunday, April 24th: 10am – 4 pm

Free event — Artists in the Parks 

Entertainment Schedule:

Future Festival Dates

3rd weekend in April, except when Easter conflicts festival moves to 4th weekend

2022                     April 23 & 24 *

2023                     April 15 & 16

2024                     April 20 & 21

2025                     April 26 & 27 *

2026                     April 18 & 19

2027                     April 17 & 18

2028                     April 22 & 23 *

2029                     April 21 & 22 

2030                     April 27 & 28 * 

2031                      April 19 & 20

2032                     April 17 & 18

* Years when the festival will be on 4th weekend in April due to Easter falling on the 3rd weekend

Loved the atmosphere, artists are recognized and treated right. ~Judith D. (artist)