Recycled Content Award

The Festival awards a $300 cash prize, sponsored by Sustainable Tallahassee, to an exhibiting artist for a singular piece of original work, created using at least 75% post-consumer use/recycled/re-used materials. Work must be produced by the exhibiting artist, but it is not necessary to be within their same medium.  The intended spirit of the award is to recognize the potential green use of thrown away materials to create fine art.

Criteria for Qualifying Materials

Submitted piece uses elements that were originally manufactured and would be thrown away or recycled. A good criterion is the materials to use are considered junk, or would have ended up in the landfill or recycling center if they hadn’t rescued them for art. Repurposed object art will not necessarily qualify. For this award, materials from nature such as rocks, sticks, leaves, bones, dirt, water, etc. are not considered recycled.

Sponsored by Sustainable Tallahassee

This award is presented by Sustainable Tallahassee. Sustainable Tallahassee’s goal is to create a sustainable community by offering public education and networking opportunities, and function as a catalyst for stimulating green industry and green collar jobs. The Board of Directors and volunteers work to accomplish this goal by developing partnerships with existing organizations, local government, businesses and citizens and by offering opportunities to learn about why and how we can create a sustainable community that enhances our quality of life and promotes economic development.  Learn more at