What’s the Hype?

The Park CoP_FotoSketcheredit

For the last 13 years LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts has closed the streets around downtown Tallahassee’s Chain of Parks. Invited top artists to compete for cash awards. And asked local businesses and friends of the arts to pony up and help support LeMoyne’s top fundraiser. While the 14th year proves to follow that same recipe for success, there is something changing. In any campaign it is either your friend or foe and the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival is fortunate to have as its friend – reputation.

As the festival organizers, we like to think the increasingly great reputation garnered is the result of the diligent hard work of many hands. Many hands that have brick-by-brick built a solid festival reputation. Oh if it were only that simple.

So what, right? WIIFM? You just like the art? Maybe you just like festivals?

Reputation is what brings the artists in. Top quality artists learn through word of mouth. Which shows are worth participating in, which shows bring in clientele who love art, which shows are professionally run? This year – 2014 – more applications from top quality artists were received than ever before. Fifteen award winners are returning. There is a wait list of nine artists wanting a spot should someone cancel. That is a sign the festival is becoming known in the art circles. Very exciting stuff if you just like the art.

Reputation is what draws sponsors too.  Sponsors want to know, how many people will value the event I choose to support?  Is this an event which the community appreciates and which will present my business in a good light to the community?  How many “hits” will I get for my investment in the art festival?  Sponsorships equal services, again exciting stuff if you just like festivals.  With over 60,000 visitors attending, 35,000 copies of the Festival Magazine printed and distributed, and the beautiful setting in Tallahassee’s Downtown, this is a wonderful opportunity for sponsors to get noticed.

So bottom line, when you come out to look around at the goings on this year, take a moment to think about how reputation has changed this festival.  We think it is a tangible asset that will bring you back year after year too.