2013 Award Winners

All of our Chain of Parks artists are fantastic, making it hard for our judges to select award winners. We want to recognize those that do stand out in their categories for Award of Merit and Award of Distinction, plus our two Judges Choice winners and our Best of Show with just a sample of their art:

2013 Best of Show: AB Word

AB Word, Best of Show 2013

AB Word, Best of Show 2013


Judges Choice Awards

Leslie Peebles

Leslie Peebles, Judges Choice


Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds, Judges Choice

Mary Reynolds, Judges Choice


Awards of Distinction

(by category)

Clay: Doug Dacey

Doug Dacey, Award of Distinction: Glass

Doug Dacey, Award of Distinction: Glass

Drawing & Graphics: Michael Everett

Michael Everett

Michael Everett, Award of Distinction: Drawing & Graphics

Glass: Susan Harrison

Susan Harrison

Susan Harrison, Award of Distinction: Glass

Jewelry: Linda Welch

Linda Welch

Linda Welch, Award of Distinction: Jewelry

Mixed Media: Olan Quattro

Olan Quattro

Olan Quattro, Award of Distinction: Mixed Media

Painting – Oil & Acrylic: Eluster Richardson

Eluster Richardson

Eluster Richardson,
Award of Distinction: Painting – Oil & Acrylic

Painting – Watercolor: Carmen Lagos

Carmen Lagos

Carmen Lagos,
Award of Distinction: Painting – Watercolor

Photography: Paul Shatz

Paul Shatz

Paul Shatz, Award of Distinction: Photography

Sculpture: Gert Olsen

Gert Olsen

Gert Olsen, Award of Distinction: Sculpture


Awards of Merit

(by category)

Ed Brownlee, Clay

Ed Brownlee

Ed Brownlee, Award of Merit: Clay

Marilyn Vaillancourt,  Jewelry

Marilyn Vaillancourt

Marilyn Vaillancourt, Award of Merit: Jewelry

Judy Wolfe, Mixed Media

Judy Wolfe

Judy Wolfe, Award of Merit: Mixed Media

Barbara Batchelder, Painting – Oil & Acrylic

Barbara Batchelder

Barbara Batchelder,
Award of Merit: Painting – Oil & Acrylic

Maryllis Wolfgang, Photography

Maryllis Wolfgang

Maryllis Wolfgang, Award of Merit: Photography


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